Aamir Khan Net Worth

Aamir Khan Net Worth – Known as “mr perfectionist”, Aamir Khan is a famous Bollywood star. Friends, Aamir Khan net worth is in crores. So let’s know about Aamir Khan net worth. So let’s know how much is Aamir Khan net worth ?
Aamir Khan Net Worth
Aamir Khan Net Worth (Photo Credit – Instagram)

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Who Is Aamir Khan ?

Friends, Aamir Khan is also a social worker besides Bollywood celebrities. Friends, Aamir has worked hard to become a good actor. Then, today, people affectionately call them tom hanks of India.

Friends, Aamir was born on 14 March 1965 in the city of Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra. Friends, Aamir’s father was a Bollywood filmmaker. His name was Tahir Hussain. He is no longer in this world. He died in 2010 due to cardiac arrest. And speaking of Aamir’s mother, his name is Zeenat Hussain. Zeenat is the first wife of Aamir’s father Tahir.

Friends, apart from Aamir’s parents, he also has a younger brother and two younger sisters. His younger brother’s name is Faisal Khan. Who once used to be a Bollywood actor. But like her elder brother, she failed to establish her identity in Bollywood. Aamir named Farhat and Nikhat have two short sisters. Friends, farhat is married to Rajiv Dutta. And to talk about Nikhat, he has married his boyfriend Santosh Hegde.

Friends, Aamir has had two marriages. She was first married to Bollywood film producer Reena Dutta in the year 1986. But after the relationship lasted for 16 years, in 2002, both of them suddenly got divorced.

Aamir married another film producer Kiran Rao in the year 2009 after 7 years of divorce from Reena.

Aamir Khan’s Sources of Making Money

Friends, Aamir Khan tries many ways to earn money. From acting to hosting the show. So let us tell you the sources of earning money of Aamir Khan.

1. Acting – Friends, obviously Aamir Khan’s highest earning comes from acting. He has so far acted in more than 80 Bollywood films. Friends, according to the report, the fees of Aamir Khan’s film are 40 Crores and also take 70% share in the profit of the film.

So we tell you about all the films of Amir and the box office collection of the film. So let’s say.
Year   Film Collection (Crore)     Profit (crore)
1973        Yaadon Ki Baaraat     5.5 2
1974        Madhosh     3 Flop
1984        Manzil Manzil      4 1
1984        Holi     N/A N/A
1988        Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak     5 N/A
1989        Love Love Love     5.5 1
1990        Awwal Number     0.8 Flop
1990        Tum Mere Ho     3.3 1
1990        Jawani Zindabad     1 0.5
1990        Dil     18 16
1990        Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin     1.2 0.2
1991        Afsana Pyar Ka     2.5 1
1991        Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin     4.1 2.2
1992        Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar     4.03 2.3
1992        Parampara     4 1
1992        Daulat Ki Jung     7 2
1992        Isi Ka Naam Zindagi     1.8 0.7
1993        Hum Hain Rahi Pyar Ke     9.7 5.8
1994        Andaz Apna Apna     0.8 0.1
1995        Rangeela     33.4 29.5
1995        Aatank Hi Aatank     4.28 4
1995        Akele Hum Akele Tum     1.23 0.80
1995        Baazi     8.8 5
1996        Raja Hindustani     73.04 20
1997        Ishq     53.02 43
1998        Ghulam     24.05 17
1999        Mann     35.48 21
1999        1947 Earth     4.05 1
2000        Sarfarosh     33.47 25
2000        Mela     30.1 12
2001        Dil Chahta Hai     45.06 32
2001        Lagaan     67.07 42
2005        Mangal Pandey: The Rising     53.75 20
2006        Fanaa     105.06 75
2006        Rang De Basanti     97.07 70
2007        Taare Zameen Par     88.09 85
2008        Ghajini     232.5 182
2009        3 Idiots     460.08 405
2009        Luck By Chance     19.5 4
2010        Delhi Belly     90.2 65
2010        Dhobi Ghat     25.08 14
2012        Talaash     164.08 100.09
2013        Dhoom: 3     589.09 423
2014        PK     876.5 800
2014        Raakh Redux     1.5 0.6
2016        Dangal     2000.05 1960
2017        Secret Superstar     977.05 962
2018        Thugs of Hindostan     335.09 115

2. Endorsements – Endorsements means deflection of an object. Which is an easy and good way for a celebrity to earn money. Friends, have you ever thought that celebrities charge crores of rupees for a 30 second advertisement. Yes, crores of rupees.

Now talk about how much money Aamir Khan charges for an advertisement? According to the friends report, Aamir Khan charges 20-25 crores of an advertisement. Friends, now we tell about the advertisement done by Aamir Khan.

Friends, let me tell you that in the year 2014, Vivo Mobile Company had signed a deal with Aamir. According to the deal, Aamir had taken 15 crores to show advertisements on TV for one year.

3. Hosting – Friends, Aamir Khan also earns well by hosting. For which they demand a heavy price. So let’s talk about Aamir’s hosting shows and fees.

CID – Friends, in 2012, Aamir was shown a TV show named “CID”. Friends, CID is a very old and famous TV show. Friends, the first part of the CID TV show was released on 21 January 1998. According to the report, Aamir was charged 1 crore rupees for an episode.

Diya Aur Baati Hum – Friends, Satyamev Jayate went to the show Aamir Diya Aur Baati Hum for the promotion of the show.

Satyamev Jayate – The name of the host of the show Satyamev Jayate, which started on 2012, is Aamir Khan. Friends, according to the report, Aamir Khan takes 3–5 crores for every episode of Satyamev Jayate show. Friends, Satyamev Jayate shows focus on topics like depression and unemployment.

4. Producer – Friends, Aamir Khan is also a Film Producer. He has produced very big films. Whose earnings are more than 500 crores. Aamir’s production house is named Aamir Khan Production.

Year   Film Collection (Crore)    
2001        Lagaan     67.05
2012        Talaash     175
2007        Taare Zameen Par     88
2011        Delhi Belly     90
2016        Dangal     2024
2017        Secret Superstar     977

5. Director – Friends, by the way, Aamir Khan has acted as Director in 1 film only. Friends, every big actor definitely becomes a director. Similarly, Aamir Khan became director in the film Taare Zameen Par in the year 2006.

Friends, the film proved to be a super hit at the box office, earning a good 88.9 crores.

Year   Film Collection (Crore)    
2007        Taare Zameen Par     88
6. Singer – Friends, by the way, Aamir Khan is an actor, not a singer. But in the year 2014, the song named dhaakad of Dangal movie was very much liked by Aamir. As sung by Bollywood singer Raftaar.

Later the song dhaakad was sung by Aamir Khan. And what wonderful sing Aamir Khan.

7. Special Appearance – Friends, Amir is a very big Bollywood actor. He is called in films for 1 glimpse. For which Aamir charges in huge amounts. So let us tell you about those films which have only a glimpse of Aamir.

Year   Film Collection (Crore)    
2009        Luck By Chance     19.05
2013        Bombay Talkies     94.3
2011        Delhi Belly     90.2

8. Songs – Friends, if Aamir has to dance in the film, his fees increase. So, we are going to tell you about Amir’s hit song.

1. Ae Mere Humsafar

2. Mera Mann – 

3. Kamli

Aamir Khan Car Collection

Friends, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is as rich as his name. Friends, Aamir has very expensive and stylish cars. Knowing the value of which you can fly your senses.

Range Rover – The price of Range Rover car is about 4 crores. Explaining the special features of the Range Rover car, the car gets a 5.1-liter supercharged diesel engine that gives a peak torque of 622 Nm and power of 507 bhp.

Rolls-Royce Ghost – This is Aamir Khan’s favorite car. Aamir loves to walk. But it is not the right of anyone to buy a car. According to the present market in India, the price of this car is 6-7 crores. Friends, the number of this car is MH 11 AX 1.

Ford Ecosport – The excellent and strong Ford Ecosport is priced at Rs. 4 lakhs. Friends, this is Ecosport’s first generation car.

Bentley Continental – Friends, this car runs at a speed of 310 kmph with a V8 engine. The price of this car is 4-4.5 crores.

Toyota Suv – Aamir also owns a luxurious and strong Toyota Suv. The cost of which is around 70 lakhs.

BMW 6 Series – Aamir Khan is the owner of 6 million BMW 6 Series cars. The BMW 6 Series car gets a 3.3 liter six cylinder diesel.

Land Rover Range Rover – The Land Rover Range Rover car with a 5 liter supercharged diesel engine generates 508.8bhp power and 629Nm torque. The price of the car is about 4-4.5 crores.

Mercedes S600 – The price of this car, which runs from 7.08 kmpl, is 10-11 crores according to the current market in India. This car is mostly used by millionaires. Aamir is the first Bollywood actor and third person from India to buy a Mercedes S600 car. Prior to Aamir, the Mercedes S600 was owned by Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani and former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in India.

Speed-1 – Like the name, the price of this car, which runs at a bullet speed, is Rs 70 lakhs. The Bentley Continental is a great combination of superior luxury and aggressive power.

Friends, this was Aamir Khan’s expensive cars. To buy which you must have crores of rupees.

Aamir Khan Bike Collection

Friends, Aamir Khan does not need this bike so much. Because they have cars worth crores. What we mentioned above. So now we will talk about Aamir’s bike.

Mahindra – Friends, the Mahindra company is big. Aamir was called to launch the Mahindra bike. And a bike was given as a gift to Aamir.

Bajaj V – Aamir likes the Bajaj V bike of 70 thousand rupees. This bike runs at a speed of 60 kmpl.

Hero Honda – In 2012, Aamir drove a Hero Honda bike road. People were very surprised to see this. Because the owner of crores of property, Aamir rides a bike of 50 thousand.

Aamir Khan Paani Foundation

The Paani Foundation was established on the year 2006. The founders of this institution are Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao. Friends, this organization is working to reduce water flooding in Maharashtra. Friends, this organization Aamir has created a no profit instant.

Aamir Khan House

Friends, Aamir Khan’s bungalow is in Panchgani city of Maharashtra state of India. Friends, tell you that Aamir Khan’s bungalow is not a simple one. According to today’s market, the price of this bungalow of Aamir can be about 2.4 Crores.

Friends, this bungalow is spread over 2 acres. Friends, you will be surprised to know that this bungalow is not used to live for Aamir but to celebrate his birthday with family and friends.

Apart from the Panchgani bungalow, he has 22 houses in UP. The price of those 22 houses can be around 35 crores. Aamir owns a bungalow worth 70 million in Mumbai. In which he lives.

Friends, I have a question with you about the furniture in your house. how much does that cost. You will say between 7-10 thousand. But guys, do you know. Regarding Aamir Khan’s furniture price. No no no problem. I can tell you Friends, the cost of his furniture is about Rs. 2-2.3 crores.

Friends, apart from Indian bungalows, Aamir also has bungalows abroad. Aamir owns a very expensive bungalow in Beverly Hills, USA. The value of which is 40 crores according to the rupee of India.

Aamir Khan Sponsorship

Friends, Aamir Khan has 13 million followers on Twitter, 16 million on Instagram and 27 million on Facebook. So friends, it is obvious that Aamir Khan uses his social media for sponsorship. Friends, Aamir Khan takes 40/50 lakhs of a social media sponsor post.

Aamir Khan Phone

Friends, by the way, Aamir Khan promotes Vivo’s phone. But do you know which phones Aamir Khan uses in real life. Let me tell you that Vivo’s phone also does not use Aamir Khan’s bodigrade. Aamir Khan uses i phone in real life.

Aamir Khan Watch

Friends, Aamir Khan does not like wearing a watch. He never wears a watch in his hand.

Aamir Khan Fitness

Friends, like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan is also a shocker of fitness. Aamir Khan spends 1/2 hours daily in the gym. Aamir Khan weighed 100 kg for the 2016 Dangal film. Aamir Khan’s role in Dangal was from 30 years old to 60 years old. That is why Aamir was asked to increase his weight. Aamir Khan’s body fat became 40 percent during the shooting of this film. Later, to play the role of Aamir Khan’s wrestler, 20 kg had to be lost. Friends, we all know that Aamir Khan lives two steps away from junk food. But in order to gain weight in the Dangal film, Aamir Khan ate all kinds of Jung Jung Food. In which cake, ice cream, pav bhaji, vada pav and samosas are eaten.

But friends, you must have thought that Aamir Khan gained weight but what did he do to lose weight. Talking on this, Aamir Khan said that when I had to lose weight for my role. Then I took rye from the famous American doctor Nikhil Dhurndhar. Nikhil Dhurandhar told Aamir Khan to lose weight. Doctor Nikhil Dhurandhar followed the diet plan told by Aamir Khan and his weight gradually decreased. Aamir Khan further said that if you want to lose weight, then you have to increase your diet plan. Just going to the gym cannot lose or gain weight.

To lose weight, Aamir Khan had to eat only 27 grams of upma, 110 grams of papaya, protein shake and tuna sandwich. In lunch, I had to eat only 33 grams of grain (grain).

Friends, if you also want to lose weight, then you can follow the diet plan mentioned above. After following this diet plan, you will get 10 results.

Friends, Aamir Khan consumes three things to stay fit. Exercise, healthy diet and comfort is the Guru’s mantra for Aamir Khan to stay fit.

Aamir says to do dieting when needed, but dieting does not mean to stay hungry or eat less. Drinking water is equally important to keep fit. Friends, tell you that Aamir Khan drinks at least 5 to 6 liters of water a day and takes fruits, brown bread and milk. Apart from this, Aamir also plays swimming, walking and tennis daily.

Aamir Khan Diet

Aamir Khan does not like to eat junk food at all. Aamir Khan consumed Jung Food to gain weight in the Dangal film.
Aamir Khan Breakfast – Aamir Khan wakes up at 6 in the morning. After waking up at 6 in the morning (after taking bath), Aamir Khan goes to the gym first. Aamir Khan is two steps ahead of Salman Khan in terms of keeping fit. Because after exercising, Aamir Khan also plays 1 hour tennis.
Aamir Khan is considered a non-vegetarian by the doctor. He stopped eating non-vegetarian food in 50 years. But Aamir Khan eats eggs in the morning.
Aamir Khan Lunch – Aamir Khan lunch consists of green leafy vegetables and meat. Which he likes a lot.
Aamir Khan Dinner – Talk about Aamir Khan’s dinner, then he eats grilled meat and salad in dinner. Aamir Khan eats less mines at night.

Aamir Khan Income Tax

Aamir Khan had filed an income tax of 14.5 crores in the year 2016-17. The same thing can be said that in 2015-16, income tax of 22 crores was filled.

Aamir Khan Electricity Bill

Aamir Khan receives electricity bill in lakhs. Friends, Aamir Khan receives an electricity bill of 22 lakh rupees.

Aamir Khan Temperament

Friends, Aamir Khan is a very loving person in real life. They like to meet their fans. Together they also do social work anywhere. He likes helping poor people.

Aamir Khan Lifestyle

Friends, Aamir Khan’s life is very good. He lives his life well. Friends, the owner of crores of rupees, Aamir Khan lives real life like a man.

Aamir Khan Shoes

A pair of Aamir Khan shoes cost 1/3 lakh. They like wearing nice and expensive live. Such shoes are made only for rich people like Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan Salary

Aamir Khan’s salary is in crores. He earns in every single film crores. Aamir Khan takes 70% of the film’s profits as a salary. And together they take 7 crore estas. Talking about advertising, Aamir Khan takes up to 15 crores for an advertisement for 1 year.

Aamir Khan Income

Aamir Khan, who earns crores of rupees from a film, will earn so much. do you know ? If you do not know, I will tell you. So friends, according to the report, Aamir Khan earns 120 crores every year.

Year   Income (RS.)
  2000      7 Crore
  2001      8 Crore
  2002      5 Crore
  2003      16 Crore
  2004      17 Crore
  2005      12 Crore
  2006      13 Crore
  2007      15 Crore
  2008      17 Crore
  2009      31 Crore
  2010      15 Crore
  2011      25 Crore
  2012      24 Crore
  2013      45 Crore
  2014      60 Crore
  2015      79 Crore
  2016      85 Crore
  2017      91 Crore
  2018      112 Crore
  2019      120
  2020      Review

Aamir Khan Charity

Friends, Aamir Khan also likes Money Charity in Charity like Salman Khan. Every year he does a Charity of millions of rupees. This money is their hard work. Friends, Aamir Khan has a lot of organizations in India. Due to which they help millions.

Aamir Khan Bodyguard

Friends, Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has the responsibility to keep safe. Aamir Khan’s Bodyguard is named Yuvraj Ghorpade. Yuvraj Ghorpade has been given 2 crores of rupees for 1 year to keep his boss Aamir Khan safe.

Aamir Khan Farm

Friends, Aamir loves farming. Friends, Aamir farming is in up state of India. Friends, Aamir’s land in the state of Uttar Pradesh is a total of 125 bighas of land including fields and orchards. The cost of which is about 20 crores.

Aamir Khan Net Worth

Friends, finally let us tell you that Aamir Khan’s net worth is $185 million. Friends, Aamir Khan is one of the wealthiest actors of Bollywood. Friends, Aamir Khan is the fourth wealthiest Bollywood actor of Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan and Amitabh Bachchan’s name comes before them. Whose assets are more than Aamir’s.

Aamir Khan Net Worth Forbes

Friends, what we told you is that Aamir Khan’s net worth is 165 million dollars. It is not for us but according to Forbes.

Aamir Khan Net Worth In Rupees

Friends, Aamir Khan has a net worth of 185 million dollars in Indian rupees, 1350 crores. That means Aamir Khan’s net worth in Rs 1350 crores.

Aamir Khan Net Worth In Crores

Friends, as we mentioned above, Aamir Khan’s wealth is 185 million dollars in the year 2019 and 2020. So if we talk about Aamir Khan net worth in crore, then he has 1350 crore assets in the year 2019 and 2020.

Aamir Khan Net Worth In Dollars

Friends, when we talk about Aamir Khan’s net worth in dollars in the year 2019 and 2020, his wealth is 185 million dollars.

Aamir Khan Award

Aamir Khan is the best actor of Bollywood and India, there is no doubt in it. Aamir Khan has won many awards due to his hard work and good luck. Which you can see on the table below.

Before I tell you about the award, I would like to tell you that Aamir Khan does not go to any award show, which appears on the award show TV. Kuki Aamir Khan award says about the show that my fan is the award for me.

But tell us that for the year 2001, a superhit Bollywood film named Lagaan was going to give the Best Actor Award to Aamir Khan for filmfare. But filmfare followers asked Aamir Khan to perform on the show. Aamir Khan refused to perform on the show. So for this reason the filmfare gave the award to Shah Rukh Khan because of Aamir Khan. Due to which, Aamir Khan’s mind was removed from the award.

2020 Awards – Friends, the year 2020 is going to be awarded. So if Aamir Khan gets any award in the year 2020, then I will definitely update the article.

2019 Awards – Aamir Khan did not receive any award in the year 2019 as none of his films were released this year.

2018 Awards – In the year 2018, Aamir Khan was awarded many awards. Because in the year 2018, Aamir Khan’s superhit blockbuster Secret Superstar movie had won 950 crores by winning the hearts of the people. Aamir Khan received the Screen Awards best film award due to good acting in this film.
W – Win
N – Nominee

DNG – Did Not Get

  Award   Film
  Zee Cine      Secret Superstar (N)
  Screen      Dangal (W)
  Filmfare      Secret Superstar (N)
  BIG Star Entertainment      DNG 
  Golden Rooster      DNG
  Indian Telly      DNG
  National Film      DNG
  The Ghanta      DNG
  Star Box Office India      DNG
  NDTV Indian of the Year      DNG
  ETC Bollywood Business      DNG 
  Dada Saheb Phalke      DNG
  GQ      DNG
  CNN-IBN Indian      DNG
  Bombay International      DNG
  Bollywood Hungama      DNG
  Bollywood      DNG
  Bengal Film      DNG 
  Awards of the International Indian      DNG
  Australian Academy      DNG
  Apsara Film      DNG
  Annual Central European      DNG
  Total      N – 5, W – 2
2017 Awards – The year 2017 was very good for Aamir Khan. Because this year, his film named Dangal earned more than 100 million rupees at the box office. Due to which he was awarded the award somewhere.
  Award   Film
  Zee Cine      Secret Superstar (N)
  Zee Cine      Dangal (W)
  Filmfare      Secret Superstar (W)
  BIG Star Entertainment      DNG
  Golden Rooster      DNG
  Indian Telly      DNG
  National Film      DNG
  Zee Cine      DNG
  Screen      DNG
  Filmfare      DNG
  BIG Star Entertainment      DNG 
  Golden Rooster      DNG
  Indian Telly      DNG
  National Film      DNG
  Zee Cine      DNG
  Screen      DNG
  Filmfare      DNG
  BIG Star Entertainment      DNG 
  Golden Rooster      DNG
  Indian Telly      DNG
  National Film      DNG
  Indian Telly      DNG
  National Film      DNG
2016 Awards – Aamir Khan was awarded many awards in the year 2016. Because this year, Aamir Khan had a lot of film hits. In the year 2014, Aamir Khan was given the Australian Academy of Cinema Award for Best Asian Film category in Dangal Film.

In the year 2016, Aamir Khan was given India’s second highest award for Filmfare Best Actor and Best Film category for Dangal film. Aamir Khan also received the Golden Rooster Award for the film Dangal in Best International Actor’s category. Aamir Khan received the Screen Award for Best Film category for the superhit Dangal film. And Aamir Khan was the nominee in Best Actor category.

2015 Awards – Aamir Khan received many awards in the year 2015, as this year Aamir Khan’s superhit film pk was released. Due to which Aamir Khan received many awards.

Aamir Khan was nominated for Best Actor category for Screen Award, International Indian Film Award, Apsara Film Producers Guild Award and Filmfare Award.

Aamir Khan won the Bollywood Hungama Surfers award and ETC Bollywood Business Awards in the Best Actor category in the year 2015.

2014 Awards – Aamir Khan was also awarded the Surrey Award in the year 2014 as well. Because this year, a film named dhoom: 3 was released in 2014.

Aamir Khan was nominated for the Best Actor category in the year 2016 for Zee Cine Award, Screen Award, Filmfare Award, International Indian Film Award and Apsara Film Producers Guild Award.

Aamir Khan won the Ghanta Award, Star Box Office award, Bollywood Hungama Surfers award, ETC award and IBNLive Movie Award in the Best Actor category in the year 2014.

2013 Awards – Aamir Khan was awarded many awards in the year 2013 due to another superhit Talaash in the year 2012.

Aamir Khan won the Filmfare Award, International Indian Film Award, Filmfare Award, IBNLive Award, Indian Telly Award and sam Award in the year 2013 and Nominee.

2012 Awards – Aamir Khan did not receive a single award in 2012. Because his films did not do much special this year. 

Aamir Khan was nominated for both the European Bollywood Award and the Filmfare Award for the year 2012.

2011 Awards – Aamir Khan did not receive any award in the year 2011 as in 2012. Because he did not have a hit this year.

2010 Awards – Aamir Khan received a lot of awards this year in 2009 due to the superhit film 3 Idiots.

Aamir Khan received the 2010 European Bollywood Award, Star Entertainment Award, Bollywood Hungama Surfers Award, Dada Saheb Phalke Award and GQ Award for the year 2010.

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