Alia Bhatt Net Worth

Alia Bhatt Net Worth – Known as “Aloo”, Alia Bhatt is a famous Bollywood Actress. Friends, Alia Bhatt’s net worth is in crores. So let’s know about Alia Bhatt Net Worth. So let’s know how much is Alia Bhatt’s net worth?

Alia Bhatt Net Worth
Alia Bhatt Net Worth

Who is Alia Bhatt?

Alia is one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood since 2012. Friends, let us tell you that Alia is the daughter of famous Bollywood producer Mahesh Bhatt. And Alia’s mother was a famous Bollywood actress of yesteryear.

His name is Soni Razdan. Alia has a brother. Who is not an actor but a fitness trainer named Rahul Bhatt?

Alia Bhatt With Her Father
Alia Bhatt With Her Father

Alia Bhatt’s Sources of Making Money

Now, friends, we will talk about Alia’s source of making money. Due to which Alia is in the list of Bollywood’s millionaire actresses.

1. Acting – Alia earns the most money by acting. So we will talk about the film and collection of Alia.

2. Endorsements – Advertising is the easiest and easiest way for any celebrity. Now talking about Alia, she takes 1 crore rupees for each advertisement. Alia has a collab with many brands so far. Which you can see below.

3. Singer – Friends, every good celebrity has more than one quality. Apart from Bollywood actress, Alia is also a very good singer. Alia Bhatt has sung songs such as Samjhawan Unplugged, Sooha Saaha, Ikk Kudi and Love you Zindagi, etc.

Alia Bhatt Car Collection

Friends, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has very beautiful and expensive cars. So let us show you Alia Bhatt’s expensive cars.

Range Rover Vogue – Friends, Alia owns a Range Rover Vogue car, which according to today’s market is worth Rs 4-5 crores. Friends, Alia said during an interview that I bought a Range Rover Vogue car with my earning money. Which is really amazing. Friends, the number of this car of Alia is MH 1500. Friends, this car is bought more by businessmen and celebrities.

BMW 7-Series – Friends, the BMW 7-Series car is priced at Rs 1.2-1.6 crores according to today’s market. alias BMW 7-Series car number is MH 02 EK 2800. This is the 745 Ld variant of Alia’s car sedan, powered by a twin-power turbocharged 7-cylinder engine. The 3.4-liter engine produces 251 Bhp and a maximum power of 630 Nm.

Audi Q5 – Friends, the Audi Q5 car is priced at 50 lakh rupees according to today’s market in India. This is a very cheap car. Friends, Alia no longer drives this car. Alia used to use this car during the early days of her career.

Audi Q6 – Friends, this car was also used like Alia Audi Q5 car in the early days of its career. It is powered by a 2.0-liter diesel engine. You can buy this car in India for 60-70 Lakhs.

Audi Q7 – The Mh 02DW 1500 number Audi Q7 is one of Alia’s favorite cars. This car Alia still runs today. Friends, this car is also not an expensive car. Anyone can buy this car very easily. Its price is 70-80 million.

Alia Bhatt House

Friends, if you talk about the house of Bollywood’s beautiful actress Alia Bhatt, she has three houses. Friends, according to the report, the cost of all three houses of Alia is about 25 crores. In the year 2014, Alia bought a house in Juhu, Mumbai. The price of this house is 13 crores.

Alia Bhatt Salary

Friends, Alia’s salary per film is 12 crores. Which is quite a big deal. And Alia charges 1 crore per ad.

Alia Bhatt Income

Friends, talk about the income of Alia Bhatt, she earns about 20 crores every year. Meaning that every month earns more than Rs. 1.50 lakhs. And Alia this figure keeps increasing every year.

Alia Bhatt Net Worth

Friends, talking about Alia Bhatt’s Net Worth, her Net Worth is around 30 crores. Friends, Alia Bhatt is a new actress right now. For this, his Net Worth is less. But Alia Bhatt’s Net Worth continues to grow.

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