Guru Randhawa Biography, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family & More

Guru Randhawa – Friends, we are writing about Guru Randhawa. Friends Guru Randhawa is a good Singer. In this article, I will tell you the full story of Guru Randhawa. If you have to read about Guru Randhawa then read the article. Check Out Our Guru Randhawa.

Guru Randhawa
Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa Biography

Name – Gursharanjot Randhawa

Nickname – Guru

Profession – Indian Singer

Date Of Birth – 30 August 1991

Day Of Birth – Friday

Birth Place – Village Noorpur

Age – 31 (As 2022)

Nationality – Indian

Hometown – Rurka Kalan

Sun Sign – Virgo

Guru Randhawa Family

Mother – Not Know

Father      Not Know

Brother – Ramneek Randhawa

Sister – None

Guru Randhawa With His Parents
Guru Randhawa With His Parents
Guru Randhawa With His Brother
Guru Randhawa With His Brother

Guru Randhawa Love Affair

Marital Status – Unmarried

Girlfriend(S) – Urvashi Rautela

Krishna Mukherjee

First Crush – Not Know

Wife      None

Guru Randhawa Favorite Things

Actor – Akshay Kumar

Actress – Jacqueline Fernandez

Cricketer – MS Dhoni

Singer – Babbu Maan

Comedian – Kapil Sharma

Guru Randhawa Physical Stats

Height – 179 CM

Weight – 58 KG

Eye Colour – Black

Hair Colour – Black

Guru Randhawa Education

School – Not Know

Collage – IIPM, New Delhi

Guru Randhawa Age

Guru Randhawa is an Indian singer. He is very handsome. He is still young, his age is 29 years as of 2020.

Guru Randhawa Height

Guru Randhawa Bollywood is a good singer as well as a tall singer. His height is 179 CM as of 2020. Which is very long and of good height. Which is a plus point for his career.

Guru Randhawa Hairstyle

Guru Randhawa’s is very famous for its Hairstyle. He uploads very good photos on his Instagram. For this reason, more people follow him. You can see their Instagram photos below.

Guru Randhawa First Song

Friends, if you are reading this article, then you will definitely be a fan of Guru Randhawa. Among friends, Guru Randhawa is a big fan. Because of his voice, he has earned the name of the whole world. He has millions of followers all over the world.

But do you know the first song of Guru Randhawa? If you do not know, then it does not matter, I will tell. Guru Randhawa sang the first song of his career in 2013. The name of this song is CHHAD GAYI. Not many people saw this song. But the subsequent songs have been seen in millions.

Guru Randhawa Family

Guru Randhawa has ruled the world very quickly with his voice. He made everyone happy by listening to his sad songs. There are only four people in Guru Randhawa’s family. The name of Guru Randhawa’s parents is not known. There are photos of his parents but their names have not yet been made public. Only his brother’s name is known. His brother’s name is Ramnek Randhawa.

Guru Randhawa Phone Number

Friends, I did not know that Guru Randhawa has given his phone number in the YouTube video. But a YouTube video has given his phone number. I do not know if this number belongs to him only. But that YouTube video guru Randhawa has told his number himself. It is a matter of fact that Guru Randhawa went to this YouTube channel to promote his song. In an interview with that channel, Guru Randhawa was asked exactly the questions his fans search on Google. You too can watch this interview.

Guru Randhawa Girlfriend

His Guru Randhawa sees you as very good and poor in nature. But do you know the opposite is true in Guru Randhawa’s real life? During an interview, the guru Randhawa told me that he had a lot of girlfriends in school. But he did not reveal the names of those girlfriends.

Urvashi Rautela – According to YouTube guru Randhawa, he is in a relationship with Bollywood’s bold star Urvashi Rautela. We do not know whether this thing is true or false.

Krishna Mukherjee – Krishna played the role of aliya Aditya Bhalla in the famous serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. The salary for the episode on him was 35-45 thousand rupees.

Guru Randhawa House

The Guru Randhawa family is Punjabi. He also lives in Punjab. His original home is also in Punjab. But he now lives in Mumbai. His home in Mumbai is in Plush Apartment in Mumbai.

Guru Randhawa Instagram

Guru Randhawa’s Instagram account has 12 million followers. Bollywood star also likes Guru Randhawa’s voice. That’s why some Bollywood stars have followed Guru Randhawa on Instagram. It includes Zareen Khan, Neha Kakkar, Shraddha, Kartik Aaryan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Urvashi Rautela, and Arjun Kapoor. He has written “Eh Bhi Daat Teri Daatar” in his bio and has also given a link to his song.

Guru Randhawa Twitter

Guru Randhawa is very active on social media. There is a million in his million. Now we talk about their Twitter account. He created his Twitter account in April 2012. That is, his Twitter account has been around 7 years. There are not many followers on his Twitter account. He has only 3.30 lakh followers. He has given a link to his Facebook page in the bio of his Twitter account. Guru Randhawa has a great love for the country of India and is also proud of being born in India. That is why he has written his bio that Proud Indian, Made In India.

Guru Randhawa Facebook

Guru Randhawa likes Facebook a lot. Guru Randhawa likes Facebook and Guru Randhawa’s fan like the Guru Randhawa Facebook page. Guru Randhawa has about 40 lakh likes on Facebook. He has not written anything in his bio. He has also given a link to his website. He created this page on 14 January 2012.

Interesting Facts About Guru Randhawa

Guru Randhawa shared the first post on APRIL 5, 2014 on his Instagram account. In this post, Guru Randhawa is showing his winning Trophy.

Guru Randhawa’s real name is Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa Randhawa and his religion is Sikh.

Guru Randhawa of Yo Yo Honey Singh Respects a lot. You can see in the photo how Guru Randhawa is posing.

Guru Randhawa With Yo Yo Honey Singh
Guru Randhawa With Yo Yo Honey Singh

Guru Randhawa likes to eat Paratha with Dahi with achar with Makhan on Sunday.

Guru Randhawa has a world record as the most-viewed Indian singer on Google.

Guru Randhawa had a habit of singing songs since childhood. When he was in 3rd class, he participated in a song competition. He was singing very well in this competition. That is why he won the third prize in this competition. Guru Randhawa’s dream was to make him a singer.

So he left his studies and started realizing his dream. Guru Randhawa’s first song from Bollywood was sung “suit-suit” in Irrfan Khan’s film “Hindi Medium”.

Justin Bieber erupted for lip-syncing when performing live in Mumbai. On this, Guru Randhawa said that I like to do live concerts. Guru Randhawa is not like singers who trick their audience into giving a good show. In the year 2019, a very big incident happened with Guru Randhawa.

When Guru Randhawa went to live at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver, Canada, a man stabbed him in the head. For this reason, Guru Randhawa got five stitches.

Guru Randhawa’s most popular song is the Highly Rated Gabru which has garnered 713 million views. People have liked this song very much. Guru Randhawa was very naughty in his childhood. You can see their childhood picture below.

Guru Randhawa loved to sing songs since childhood. He used to participate in singing programs in his school and in his village.

In addition to the Punjabi language, Guru Randhawa also speaks English, Hindi, French, and some Marathi languages. Guru Randhawa likes to listen to Bollywood songs at bedtime.

Guru Randhawa likes to wear a jacket. In 2016, a female staff working with the Airport Security Force (ASF) was punished by the authorities for lip-syncing Guru Randhawa’s song “High Rated Gabaru”.

Guru Randhawa was asked in an interview, whose hand is behind your success. So while answering this question Guru Randhawa said that behind my success is the hand of my hard work and my brother Ramneek Randhawa.

Guru Randhawa participated in a charity match in 2014. This charity was played by many celebrities at the INK Cricket Blast 2017 to provide assistance to cancer patients.

Guru Randhawa must have heard a song called “High Rated Gabru”. It is India’s first non-film song that crossed 100 million.

Guru Randhawa told during an interview that he has sung songs from the TV show. Guru Randhawa is a great singer. He has performed outside India as well as outside India.

The guru Randhawa has told his elder brother who deserves his success. For the first time, guru Randhawa also walked the ramp for Nivedita Sabu at Times Fashion Week.

Guru Randhawa likes to perform live concerts and does not like singers who cheat their audience to give a good show. In the year 2014, Guru Randhawa had an accident during a live show at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver, Canada.

During the live show, he was attacked by an unknown Canadian person on his head. Because of this, Guru Randhawa had 7 strokes. This is a big case.

Guru Randhawa danced in the IPL of 2017. Guru Randhawa is very fond of animals. Guru Randhawa likes to eat different dishes.

He keeps posting images of food on his Instagram account.

Guru Randhawa has recently sung along with his favorite singer Himesh Reshammiya.

Guru Randhawa and his Dabangg team congratulated Bollywood King Shahrukh Khan on his birthday.

Guru Randhawa uploaded the making scene of Ik Gera song on his Instagram account. The guru Randhawa and the Bollywood women singer Neha Kakkar, called “SAKIRA” are both very good friends.

Although the guru Randhawa likes to play cricket he also knows to play football very well.

Guru Randhawa’s elder brother Ramneek is married on 25 January 2019.

Guru Randhawa and Emraan Hashmi recently went to The Kapil Sharma Show for the promotion of the Daaru Wargi song.

Guru Randhawa went to Kapil Sharma’s marriage last year. Where Guru Randhawa had enjoyed a lot.

Guru Randhawa expressed the sadness of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death saying that This is the most shocking news. can not believe it. Such painful news today, Sushant Bhai, you were always smiling and full of energy.

Guru Randhawa Song

Guru Randhawa is a very good singer. He has millions of views on YouTube. Friends, I like to listen to songs by Guru Randhawa. So let us tell you about all the songs of Guru Randhawa.

High Rated Gabru – Friends, this guru Randhawa is the most YouTube viewable song. This song was given by Guru Randhawa in 2017. This song has got more than 840 million views. The song was sung by guru Randhawa for India’s largest music company T-Series. The life of the guru Randhawa was changed after this song. This song was sung by Guru Randhawa for the film Nawabzaade.

Lahore – Guru Randhawa’s high rated Gabru song of the year 2017 launched an album in the same year. The name of this song is Lahore. This song became super-duper. Due to this song, the guru Randhawa became very famous. Talking about the YouTube view of this song, this song has so far received 70 million views.

Patola – Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan’s Blackmail film had a song named patola with Guru Randhawa and Pakistani singer Bohemia. This song was released in the year 2015. This song has got 135 million views on YouTube.

Made In India – This album was released in the year 2014. People still loved this song. This song has received 459 million views.

Guru Randhawa Video Guru Randhawa often puts videos on his social media. Some videos are funny and some are songs.

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