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Nita Ambani – Friends, we are writing about Nita Ambani. Friends Nita Ambani is a Indian women Businessman. In this article, I will tell you the full story of Nita Ambani. If you have to read about Nita Ambani then read the article. Check Out Our Nita Ambani.
Nita Ambani
Nita Ambani (Photo Credit –

 Nita   Life Introduction
  Name      Nita Mukesh Ambani
  Nickname      Nitu
  Profession      Indian Businessman
  Date Of Birth      1 November 1963
  Day Of Birth      Friday
  Birth Place      Mumbai, India
  Birth City      Mumbai
  Birth Hospital       Not Know
  Age       56 (As 2019)
  Nationality      Indian
  Hometown      Mumbai, India
  Sun Sign      Scorpio
  Religion      Hinduism
  Caste      Tamil
  Ethnicity      Tamil
  Address      North of Hyderabad
  Habit      Dancing
  Food Habit      Non-Vegetarian
  Like      Watching movies
  Blood Group      Not Know
  Any Disease      Not Know
  Political Inclination      N/S
  Famous For      Indian Businessman

Nita Ambani Family

  Nita   Family
  Mother      Purnima Dalal
  Father      Ravindrabhai Dalal
  Brother      Not Know
  Sister      Mamta Dalal
  Cousin      Not Know
  Grandmother      Not Know
  Grandfather      Not Know

Nita Ambani Love Affair

  Nita   Love Affair
  Marital Status      Married
  Boyfriends      Mukesh Ambani
  first crush      Not Know
  Husband      Mukesh Ambani
  Marriage Date      8 March 1985
  Marriage Place      Not Know
  Marriage country      Not Know
  Daughter      Isha
  Son      Akash, Anant
  Father-In-Law      Dhirubhai Ambani
  Mother-In-Law      Kokilaben Ambani
Kokilaben Ambani
Kokilaben Ambani (Photo Credit – Instagram)
Dhirubhai Ambani
Dhirubhai Ambani (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Nita Ambani Favorite Things

  Nita   Favorite Things
  Actor      Aamir Khan
  Actress      Not Know
  Cricketer      Sachin Tendulkar
  Food      Idli Sambar
  Dance      Bharatanatyam
  TV Show      IPL
  Song      Not Know
  Book      Famous Five
  Place      New York
  Sports      Cricket
  Colour      Red
  Quotes      Not Know

Nita Ambani Physical Stats

  Nita   Physical Stats
  Height      167 cm
  Weight      59 kg
  Body Measurement      33-29-35
  Eye Color      Light Brown
  Hair Color      Brown
  Sexual Orientation      Straight
  Body Type      Hourglass
  Shoe Size      9 US
  Shirt Size      8 US

Nita Ambani Net Worth

  Nita   Net Worth
  Bike Collections      Not Know
  Car Collection      Maybach 62
  Salary      Own Businessman
  Income      Not Know
  Net Worth (2019)      $40.6 billion

Nita Ambani Education

  Nita   Education
  School       Not Know
  S. City      Not Know
  S. Friend       Not Know
  Collage       Narsee Monjee College of Commerce
  C. City      Mumbai
  C. Friend       Not Know
  Quality      A Bachelor’s degree in Commerce
  10Th Result      Not Know
  10Th Mark      Not Know
  12Th Result      Not Know
  12Th Mark      Not Know
  Teacher       Not Know

Nita Ambani Social Media

  Nita   Social Media
  Twitter      No
  Instagram      No
  youtube      No
  Snapchat      –
  Facebook      No
  Dailymotion      Not Know

Nita Ambani Award

  Nita   Year
  Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Award      2017

Nita Ambani Personal Life

Nita is the wife of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani. Nita is a rich woman of India. Nita has many schools in India. Some schools are for poor children. So something is for the children of rich family. Nita is a rich woman of India, yet she likes to teach children. That is why she teaches children in her school.

Nita was born in a Gujarati family. He was born on 1 November 1964 in a middle-class family in Mumbai. Nita’s father “Ravindrabhai Dalal” was an officer of the Birla Company. His position was very big in the company. Mother “Purnima Dalal” who is a housewife. Her mother’s dream was that Nita grew up to be a “CA” but Nita loved Indian classical dance since childhood. She also wanted to make her career in it. She used to dream of an Indian classical dance career in childhood.
Nita’s nuture is very good. She is the wealthiest woman in India, yet she has no pride in her assets. She lives her life like a normal woman Like to live simple.

With this, Nita also likes to show cricket. That is why he has made Mumbai Indian in IPL.

Nita likes to do social work along with a rich woman. For the good of the people, he has also created many social organizations. In order to educate the poor and orphans, they have built a lot of schools in Mumbai. Where poor and orphaned children study.

Nita Ambani Family

Talking about Nita family, there are many people in her family. Her husband, who is India’s richest person, is Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh is the Chairman of Reliance Foundation. Nita and Mukesh were married on 1943. Nita has two sons. One is named Akash and the other is Anant. Nita also has a daughter named Isha.

Nita Ambani Love Story/ Husband

Nita Ambani With Mukesh Ambani
Nita Ambani With Mukesh Ambani (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Nita loved Bharatnatyam’s dance since childhood. She was famous for him throughout Gujarat. He participated in many dance performances. Once Dhirubhai also saw Nita’s dance. He liked them very much. During an interview, Dhirubhai said that in Nita dance, I saw an amazing beauty with Indian tradition. Dhirubhai liked this dance so much that Dhirubhai asked about Nita and took this information including telephone number.

The next day, Dhiru Bhai called Nita. Nita had picked up the phone. When he heard that the person was saying on the other side that he was talking to none other than Dhirubhai Ambani and wanted to talk to Nita, he immediately replied that there is none other than Elizabeth Taylor here.

Then Nita disconnected the phone and thought that it was joked by some friend. Nita wondered why rich people of India want to follow me.

But Dhirubhai liked Nita’s dance so much that he called her again. But not this Nita, his father picked up the phone. Nita’s father recognized Dhirubhai’s voice. After this, Dhirubhai asked Nita’s father to meet Nita.

During meeting Dhirubhai, he left behind a lot of questions from Nita. Which included education, hobbies and cooking and all the other questions. After asking all these questions, Dhirubhai said that he wants to make Nita his daughter-in-law.

After discussing with the family, Nita went to Dhirubhai’s house. Nita came in and sat with everyone and talked the most and then decided to meet somewhere outside with Mukesh. Mukesh and Nita started meeting again and again after this meeting. However, Nita was still quite confused about the affair.
Nita did not marry yet, she said that she wanted to complete her studies first. That is why Nita wanted to give some time to this relationship. One day while Mukesh and Nita were passing through Poddar Road, Mukesh stopped his car on seeing the red traffic signal. Although he did not drive his car despite the signal being green.

Nita asks him to drive the car further as it could cause traffic jam. Mukesh clearly told her- will you marry me? He told them that he would take the car forward when she would answer his question. Nita was left with no option and she said yes to him.

Nita Ambani Son

Nita has two sons. The name of one is Akash and the other is Anant.

Akash Ambani – Akash was born in 1991 in Mumbai city. Akash did his schooling at the Campion School, Mumbai School in Mumbai. Akash did his college studies at Brown University, Rhode Island, United States, outside India. Akash was not very good at studies. Akash married Shloka Mahara School Friend in Mumbai in 2014.
Akash Ambani, Tina Ambani And Shloka Mahara
Akash Ambani, Tina Ambani And Shloka Mahara (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Anant Ambani – Anant is Nita’s second son. The anant was too thick to see. But later Anant lost his weight. During an interview, Anant said that he had worked in 18 months weighing 108 kilos.

Nita Ambani Daughter 

Isha Ambani
Isha Ambani (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Nita has a very beautiful daughter who has just got married in 2018. nita’s daughter is very educated. He did his schooling at Stanford Graduate School of Business School. This school is in California. Nita has only one daughter whom he loves very much.

Isha Ambani With Anand Piramal
Isha Ambani With Anand Piramal (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Nita Ambani Dance

Nita does dance very well. He danced to this song Krishna Bhajan on his son’s wedding day. This dance was liked by many people. You can see this dance on YouTube.

Nita Ambani Movie

Nita can be found in Bollywood. This is not saying that Nita has a lot of money and can go to Bollywood anytime. In this thing, you are saying that Nita is a good dancer. Yes, Nita loves to dance. And because of this art, she has won a lot of medals.

Nita Ambani Age

Nita uses very good, good and expensive brands to make her face look young. His face also looks like a young woman. But what to do, age does not hide anyone. So according to 2019, Nita’s age is 40 years.

Nita Ambani Phone

In India, we see that people do not have food but have a smartphone. So you put a little mind that Nita is the richest woman in the world. What kind of phone will they have?

The name of this phone is falcon supernova iphone 6 pink diamond. The name would have revealed how expensive the phone would be. So yes, if you have to take this phone, then you will have to spend $ 48.5 million to buy it. According to the rupee of India, this amount is about Rs 311 crore. Would you like to buy this phone?

Nita Ambani Lifestyle

Nita ambani Mistress of the world’s richest house can you guess what their everyday life will be like. Nita likes to live like a normal woman. Let us tell you how Nita’s daily life is.

40 lakhs saree – Do you think that you have bought the most expensive sari for your wife, then you are absolutely wrong.

You can be stunned by knowing the price of Nita’s saree. Nita wears a sari worth 40 lakh rupees for her daily life. We came to know this during a report. Which is 100% true.

Expensive brand bags – Let me tell you if you have a bag. If it is, then how much does it cost. You will say as much as 10,000, but do you know what is the cost of the bag that Nita uses?

Rs 3 Lakh Tea – Nita loves to eat, she eats different substances. A few years ago, there was an rumor that the price of tea that Nita drinks is about 3 lakh rupees. 
If this is to be believed, the tea that Nita used to drink was used by Japanese crockery. But no one knows whether this is true or false.

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